Muffin Egg Soufles


For when you have a real “hankering” for eggs 😉

Started by scrambling up about 8 oz. of breakfast turkey sausage, once cooked drain on a paper towel on the side. Chopped up half a red onion, and about 2 cups of fresh spinach and cook in pan with leftover turkey sausage grease. Mixed all ingredients in the bowl with eggs that I had and added about 1/4 cup half n half. Then after mixing added in some tastyImage crumbled goat cheese 😀 . To flavor I added (and totally eyeballed it so add whatever amount suits your fancy), dash of ground mustard, oregano, cayenne pepper, s+p. Mixed some more than poured about 3/4 a way full in each muffin cup. With 5 eggs it yielded 5 large muffin cups 😉 I then popped in a 350 oven for 30 minutes. What came out was a little muffin of tastiness to start off our morning right 😉 The beautiful thing about this easy breakfast recipe? It can be changed to add whatever ingredients, flavors you like. Immediately after biting in I knew I could have added a little shallot to make the flavors in this pop a little more. And now I’m already thinking of making a more decadent one (for those special weekend mornings) , possibly with some shredded Jarlsberg, Canadian bacon, Roma tomatoes, Scallions…oh my the possibilities are endless! Also, if you make more than the mouths you need to feed in the morning, these can easily be frozen and or stored in the fridge for a later date. Happy breakfasting!


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